IMG_4441The Friends of St. Leonard’s is a group of people who are coming together to preserve the ancient structure of St. Leonard’s Church which is located in the coastal town of Seaford, East Sussex. Construction of original church building is thought to have started within twenty years of the Norman Conquest in 1066. Parts of the building are Norman and much is Early English, giving the interior a stunning atmosphere of arches and pillars which has witnessed to faith for over 900 years.

Being a friend is open to all and membership is without any religious implication, you would not be expected to attend worship, although obviously you would be most welcome to do this. The hope is that as a community, the friends will come together for activities such as coffee mornings, walks, concerts, fetes, talks and so on, but this very much depends on the wishes of the group.

Repair and maintenance of this Grade 1 listed Medieval building is ongoing and immensely costly and you would be helping to preserve the town’s history and heritage. If you would like to become a friend and help to keep St. Leonard’s as a focal point in the centre of town you would be most welcome to join The Friends of St. Leonard’s.

Become a friend.